Monday, August 20, 2012

Rule #24: Try something Hot, Hot, Hot!

Actually the jalapenos aren't too bad if you take out the seeds and membranes.  We made a huge batch of jalapeno poppers to put in the freezer.  We have made one batch already baking them instead of frying and they were very good.  The spot that gets a bit spicy is right by the stem, so beware!   It's amazing that you only need one plant and the pests seem to know that they are hot too, because they stay away!  In other news you will see a few cherry tomatoes in with the peppers!  Ugh....we did not do well with tomatoes this year.  I think we got late blight, but there are still a few with green tomatoes on them.  Unfortunately even with the netting, Shnikies decided to break through and eat the Gold Medals that were almost ready to pick. We were sad about that one :(  On a positive note, yesterday was transplant day for the radicchio and they seem to be doing well this morning.  A little weepy, but that is normal.  I am so excited about the Puntarella type chicory!  We will see how these new varieties do and if they end up being the correct ones.  From the pictures I think they will be right. I have been picking and eating the cutting radicchio also.  On to more fall planting this week.  I got some new new lettuce varieties to plant this year and a fast growing Cima Di Rapa (broccoli rabe).  My goal is to plant them all and continue to transplant.  Last year I did about 100 radicchio transplants which was a pretty good number.  With the peppers still doing well and the new set of green beans starting to produce the problem will be finding a spot to put the lettuces right now.  I think that I may just pull some of the tomatoes that don't have any green ones on them!  I'm thinking the pesto needs to be made next week!  Happy Gardening!

Jalepenos and Cherry Tomatoes

One of three transplanted Radicchio beds

Radicchio sowing bed

The Puntarella type variety of chicory I have high hopes for (new)

Pepper, Eggplant, Carrots, Cutting Radicchio and Dill seeds (anyone know what is going on with the spots on this pepper?)

Lesson learned last time?  Use gloves when doing a ton of jalapenos or you hands will be on fire!

cutting, de-seeding

Drying and getting ready to be filled!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Rule #23: When the gardener is away, the squash bugs will play

So I knew going on vacation would not be great for the garden. It was dry all 7 days and the squash bugs totally took over and killed my one zucchini and one crookneck squash.  They are also threatening to kill my butternut squash plant that is small to begin with since I planted it very late!  Before leaving I was doing a good job of squishing eggs and young bugs and collected a few zucchini to take on our trip. When I got home I found two pretty mature zucchini still on the plant but they were dying and becoming hollow.  Too bad really :(  We have been trying to give the tomatoes some TLC to nurse them back to better health.  I finally netted to two outside the garden and the green tomatoes on them are looking good.  There are a couple tomatoes in the garden, but since we didn't net those ones most of the tomatoes went to the squirrels.  The foliage on them are beginning to come back, but I just don't know if we will get anything more from them.  My green bean bed is making a come back and my carrots are also doing well. For the most part my baby radicchio are looking good and strong and will be ready for transplanting later this month.  That is a positive note at least!  I also planted more fennel and beets that are coming up strong.  The radicchio, beets, and carrots were planted on July 11th. The peppers are beginning to produce and we have gotten one yellow (slightly taken over by something) and a nice red one.  The jalepenos are also producing a ton and we are getting a steady stream of eggplants.  How is your garden doing?
Picking Heriloom tomatoes early saved a few from the squirrels and the flavor is the same when ripe!

24 hours later....the Italian Heirloom.

After vacation pickings (yellow pepper already eaten!)  The basil is also doing great!