Monday, September 3, 2012

Rule #25: If at first you don't succeed....try, try, again!

Ah, we are back in the business of eating fresh homegrown green beans!  After planting another round after the storm and power outage almost 2 months ago and nursing the younger plants back to some kind of health they are all finally producing again!  I just love green beans.  The radicchio are all transplanted and yesterday (September 2) I sowed arugula, matchĂ©, broccoli rabe, tatsoi, 4 different types of lettuces, and transplanted my endive.  This is the first time I will transplant these and luckily I didn't have to transplant all of them so at the very least I will still have the endive from the sowing bed.  We will see how that goes.  I still need to plant spinach and more swiss chard.  Just chopped all the leaves I had so I am hoping those keep producing.  We shall see.  Getting many eggplants, jalepenõ, a few large yellow peppers, and cutting radicchio.  Unfortunately I have not had a lot of luck with my seed savers exchange peppers or eggplant.  The baby eggplant was eaten by flea beetles so I had to buy 2 plants.  I have found that I like the Japanese ones the best though!  Please let me know if you know what is going on with my Orange Bell Peppers.  I have added a picture of them.  My large yellow ones are Heavyweights I purchased years ago that I am pretty sure are hybrids.  They are doing well though. I'll give them that!  Happy Harvest Monday (hosted by Daphne's Dandelions)!
Weekend Haul

What is going on here?????

Another view

Oh and we are getting little handfuls of Raspberries every day!