Monday, April 29, 2013

The State of the Garden....Rule #32: IT'S OK!!!!! has been a crazy spring.  Cold and windy at times.  We had the hoop house up for some time and we continued to get radicchio and arugula through March and part of April.  Once we got a few hot days and the hoop house came off they bolted.  I am really getting anxious about how behind I am with the planting this spring, but I guess I should just go with the flow since our garden is in the middle of a major expansion!  We had a few of our gumball trees taken out recently which meant taking the garden apart since the largest one was actually in the garden!  I am so excited about the fact that we will not have to spend days cleaning up the garden and yard of the leaves and all those pesky gum balls!  Someone needs to figure out how to make fuel out of those bad boys and they would make a fortune in our neighborhood alone! Although we thought we would be a little further along, with 2 young children I think we did pretty well. John is creating several new beds in the front of the garden and had to re-do the back bed completely as the tree fell right in that path.  We are re-using the river rocks that got displaced when we paved our driveway and that we had around the tree.  Originally we recovered all those rocks from around the yard so we have never had to buy any and now they will be the edge of many of our garden beds. I thought I would do more planting but there was so much general yard work and weeding to do that I only got some onion sets in.  I could have done more, but there may be heavy rains today so I am going to put in the peas, lettuces, kale, asian greens, and swiss chard in tomorrow.  Here is a look at our progress on the garden and a little helper that had to get in to help with the action!
Coming along...see the huge tree trunk?  LOL.

She loves her accessories!

Our Little Helper