Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rule #11: Try to blog more than once a month!

So the last time I blogged it was Harvest Monday and I have pretty much been harvesting the same produce since then.  Radicchio, arugula, lettuce, and a little bit of spinach.  I am getting really excited about  my new gardening ventures this spring.  I am going to try to get all my seeds started indoors this week.  It was supposed to happen last week, but you all know how it goes.  Also I just got my new seeds from Seeds from Italy and Seed Savers Exchange yesterday.
New Seeds!
In the past month I have been continuing to force my Treviso Radicchio.  When my brother came and we cut them off he asked me why I didn't just add the root back into the water and see what happens.  It worked pretty well.  Some came back red and others sprouted in multiple places and were more yellow.
Second Forcing

Second Forcing
I used my little red Verona Radicchio and the Treviso to make Radicchio Pasta.  You just saut√© onion (in butter and olive oil) and then add the chopped radicchio.  Cook for 15 minutes and then add white wine.  Let that evaporate, take it off the heat and add some heavy cream to your liking.  I probably use about 1/4 to 1/2 of a cup.  Be sure to remember salt and pepper and salt your pasta water.  Once the pasta is ready add it to the radicchio and then you can add some parmigiano reggiano.
Cutting the Treviso

Adding to the onions

Cooking down



  1. I love it. Some may find it a bit bitter, but that's what makes is great to me :) My husband likes it as well. I think he likes it as a salad a little better, but I'm so lucky he enjoys it this was as well. Do you grow chicories?