Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013 Harvest Monday

Harvesting right along... This year has been a great garden year!  Made some pesto and got several more Romanesca zucchini and Crooknecks.  Even got my first Black Magic zucchini that is in my pot (seeing signs that I need to do more checking for SVB though but plant still looks healthy).  The Borlotti and Taylor Strain shelling beans are in and this is just the first round!  So excited about this!  We will have a good amount of beans for the freezer this year for sure.
Fried Green Tomatos

Purple eggs found on Zucchini

Black Swallowtail catterpillars on the Fennel...didn't have the heart to take them off

Beans, cucs, and some marinated tomatoes on herbed ricotta (SO YUMMY)

Tomato Window

Taylor Strain Beans-Round 1

My little helper shelling the Borlotti Beans
More Maters, Cucs, and Zucs :)


  1. Those beans look fantastic. The fried green tomatoes got my mouth watering for our summer, we are still in winter! (NZ) Sharon's Patch

    1. Thank you. Something to look forward to! And you don't have to wait as long since you use them green. LOL. Although I have to say the ones that are just starting to turn are also good fried like this.

  2. Terrific looking harvests! We share our fennel with the Swallowtail butterflies also ;) Have started fall planting, including puntarelle again but have given up on radicchio... we'll feast on yours instead!

    1. Yes my young radicchio and puntarelle are little spoutlets now. Feast on mine any time but I am sure you can get them up and running up there. You are an awesome gardener (Even had Dan N. from Seeds from Italy comment on your blog! Cool!). I'll tell you what... the Palla Rossa is an awesome radicchio. Never had a radicchio form a red head like this one last year. And I know you get Pan Di Zuc. going up there. I feel that one is one of my favorites. Learned last year that I have to pick the Puntarelle early...can't let the points get too big because they just rot in the middle. But even young the point heart is awesome cooked. I'll have to try it the Roman style this year if they work out.

  3. Those shelled Berlotti beans are so pretty, and the little helper is so cute.