Monday, May 7, 2012

Rule #15: One is Fun....(and Harvest Monday)!

What a busy weekend.  Mckinley is officially one!  We celebrated her birthday and went to another party this weekend.  During Mckinley's birthday party Larkyn and my friends little girl wanted to go out and check the strawberry patch.  There we found about 8 ready strawberries!  Our first harvest.  We have also eaten swiss chard and lettuce from the garden this week.  All the rest of the seeds and transplants are doing pretty well.  After picking off a lot of foliage and squishing some bugs on the tomato, pepper and eggplant transplants they are doing a lot better.  Over night I noticed that something must have figured out that where they could get a good aphid meal.  Yay!  I am really excited about my new beds and especially getting some borlotti beans this year.  Finally took a few pics of the new beds.  

Strawberry Patch


One of the borlotti bean beds just outside of the main garden.

Still working on the yard, but here are the beds in the side retaining wall.

tomatoes, rasberries, grapevines from free cycle and the more raspberries

Larkyn's rock creation

Here are the tomatoes.  The little bed there used to be in the garden.  Pumpkin's new home soon.

Another view

Lef side of the garden. The borlotti bed got a little fence yesterday to protect them from bunnies!

Right side of the garden. Soaker hoses got in place yesterday too. Have just a tad more Leaf Grow !

Birthday girl with some Poplar flowers

Big sis and her "Kentucky Derby Hat" (Mckinely's birthday ribbon!)


  1. Happy Birthday Mckinley! Love your garden fence - very workmanlike and effective looking but also does not detract from the view of the garden.

  2. Love Freecycle! I am glad you scored tomatoes, raspberries and a grapevine. I scored my oregano plant from there. Lately it's not been very good, but there are times. ..

  3. That's a really pretty fence. Rustic, but also clean lines.

    Larkyn's rock art is lovely, too!

  4. Thanks all. Just the grapevines are from free cycle. My husband does good work...I'll keep him :)

  5. Your strawberries look yummy and your girls are precious!

  6. Oh! Strawberries? How divine!!!

    Happy belated birthday to your little one :-)

  7. Great pics of your garden, and what sweet little girls i can imagine their happy faces when they find a strawberry.............