Monday, June 25, 2012

Rule #20: You don't need to plant a lot of swiss chard for big results!

The swiss chard is just going crazy. I would say I planted about 10- 15 plants with only about 4 or five inches between them so they really don't take up that much room in the garden.  A few spots are growing 2 or 3 plants, but I didn't thin it and it seems to be working out just fine.  I finally got a yellow on from my silver beet collection of colored that is pretty cool. I think I have found great spots for my swiss chard, green beans and most other veggies this year. My garden gets varied lighting depending on the bed and I think all the veggies seem happy with their spots this year.  The flowers are also in full bloom. As you can probably tell I love the purples and blues with orange! I am joining Daphne's Dandelions again to share my harvest and see harvests around the world.
Father's day haul.  We thinned the carrots and had roasted baby carrots and beets for dinner.

Beets and baby carrots

Beans and Chard

My little gardener

Butterfly bush and lilies

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On of my favorites...Calla Lily from mother's day last year.

On of this weeks harvests!

Yesterday's swiss chard extravaganza.  Green beans are in the bottom of the bowl too.


  1. wow what a great harvest you are having! Love your flowers too.

  2. Congratulations for your beautiful garden!!! and with a little gardener, so diligent, how could it not be a beautiful garden?! ^__________^

  3. Great harvests. I love your little garden helper.

  4. Fantastic harvest. We learned early one to be careful how much chard we planted. The first year we planted it we did a whole 4 x 4 plot. We had chard running out our ears for months!!

  5. Swiss chard really is a work horse in the food production garden. It's production of food per square foot of garden bed used is very very high. Love your garden helper - she is darling. :D

  6. I know exactly what you mean about the swiss chard. I have mine planted very close together in just half of one of my smaller raised beds and it just keeps on producing. It's also in a fairly shady area that other veg wouldn't be happy with at all. Love the rest of the harvest too and of course your garden helper.