Monday, December 3, 2012


I forgot to post that last month was my official 1 year mark for my blog!  I am so glad that I have done it.  I am actually working on a family post, but since I haven't done one since July there is much to write about and many pictures to post.  So... here is the progress from the Treviso and Puntarelle this week.  A couple other Puntarelle have started pods and the first one has gotten a few more pods.  There are a couple spots on the top that have darkened a little so I don't know what will happen with that.  It seems to be just the few and not developed into more.  I pulled up some more from the garden and changed my set up with the new ones a bit.  To stop any from sitting in the water above the root I decided to put the new ones in vases.  It seems to be working well.
The new crop...cleaned of big leaves and sitting pretty

Root close up

Progress on the first Puntarelle

Treviso Progress

Another Treviso shot


  1. I was pulling up some of the puntarelle and remembered how you're forcing them just in time to save some with the roots on! They've been sitting under row covers with low temps in the 20's/30's; I have them sitting in a bucket of water but what do I do next!?? Do they need dark or light, cold or warm conditions?
    Thanks! - Debra

    1. So...I don't know if this is right since there isn't a lot of info on them. I just do it the same as the treviso....dark and cold room in water (the garage for me). I take off much of the leaves since they die off anyway and I can at least cook them before that happens if I remove. I may try to cut the whole top off and see what it does then. Honestly, I don't know what they do to them to get them with all the greenery still on since keeping them in the dark makes the leaves blanch. At least the tips are forming though, right???? DId you see that link that I sent you? That's literally all I went on and my knowledge of the Treviso forcing. Good luck!!!! Exciting that you had some. They will definitely be fine with those temps since they were also under a row cover!