Monday, February 17, 2014

November-February Garden Summary!

Celebrating Christmas, Rhodes Style Red and Green!

Here is part two of my catch up blogging. Lots of great greens and radicchio this winter but also some disappointments. The puntarelle and parts of the palla rosa did not do well with the weather this year even with the hoop house. The puntarelle all died and the palla rosa had to be collected at Christmas because all the heads were going bad on the outside. Luckily we had plenty and they were great on the inside.


Broccoli Rabe


Inside of the hoop house.


Endive and Maché…must plant more of the Maché!

Romanesca Cauliflower that eventually died in February with the extreme temperatures.  Also picked up the last of the arugula

Collecting before our first very cold winter storm

Collecting before our first very cold winter storm

Some Castelfranco and Pan Di Zucchero varieties of Radicchio


Sadly the hoop house couldn't take the weather this month! We shall see what survived when it thaws about in this next week!

Still have our butternuts…this is an Italian style one

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