Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rule #3: Just do it.

So this post is about the girls.  I have a ton of posts I need to do about the radicchio but they will take too long and I was thinking about the big steps our household has taken this week.  Funny how they are slightly related in "topic"if you will.  The "just do it" refers to things that I have been meaning to just do, but have been a little hesitant.  First, Larkyn is officially sleeping in underwear.  It's a little scary, but she is doing great. The first night I hadn't meant to leave her in her underwear, but I forgot.  I had to get up with Mckinley at around 4 and I went into her room to check on her and she woke up, so we took a potty break.    We are  so proud of her.  On another note I have also started cloth diapering with Mckinley.  Just like Larkyn I am starting at 6 months.  I actually don't mind it, but it's that first leap that is hard. I got some super cute tie-dye diapers called Butterbears and I have turned them into all in 2's using the lining of my g-diapers so that I can use the same outside several times.  I am also still using my g-diapers with pre-folds.   So there it is....done and done!
Mckinley in her new cloth diapers.
Big Girl Larkyn!

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